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Camping in Washington State: Enjoy the Mountain Loop Scenic Byway

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 Camping in Washington State is fun and exciting, especially if you visit the famous Mountain Loop Scenic Byway.

Whether you’re a long time backcountry adventurer or a weekend camper with the family, the perfect weekend or week long getaway awaits you along the Mountain Loop Scenic Byway in Washington State. Camping options here offer some of the most beautiful scenery in the region, and make this area perfect for a relaxing getaway that’s perfect for a visit with family, friends, or colleagues. Camping in Washington State is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature, and these are the best campsites in the region.

Explore this Diverse Region

Spanning three wilderness areas and numerous hiking trails, the Mountain Loop Scenic Byway is famous for its views of snowcapped mountains and towering forests. However, this area is also known as one of the best for camping in Washington State. The United States Forest Service maintains thirteen campgrounds in the area. Wildlife is abundant here and you can expect to see deer, moose, black bears, mountain goats, and more.

The Byway takes you through the Cascade Mountain range and offers stunning views of peaks such as Whitehorse Mountain and Mount Dickerman, as well as Barlow Pass. The majority of the road is paved, but 13 miles of it is unpaved, so be sure you have an adequate vehicle.

The Best Campgrounds for Camping in Washington State

Of the 13 campgrounds maintained by the USFS along the Mountain Loop Scenic Byway, Gold Basin is the largest and one of the most popular sites for camping in Washington State. It offers 99 campsites and an individual site that can accommodate up to 75 people. Drinking water, showers, flush toilets, and available firewood make this a very easy place to camp, especially for newcomers.

The other USFS campgrounds along the byway are more rustic, but the majority of them lie along the banks of the Stillaguamish River. This makes these basic camp sites perfect for those who want to escape the crowds, while testing their luck at catching trout or salmon in the river.

Wiley Creek campground is very popular with local scouting troops and can feel a bit hectic when the summer scouting season is in full swing. Red Bridge is another favorite site for camping in Washington State, as it is less popular and more serene. You will need to bring your own supply of drinking water to Red Bridge.

The Clear Creek and Bedal campgrounds lie on the banks of the Sauk River, and are very popular for their beautiful displays of wildflowers in July and August. Camp sites are basic here and you need to bring all of your own supplies, but due to the remote location, you may catch a glimpse of rare wildlife such as lynx and wolves if you’re lucky.

Camp Availability

All of the campsites managed by the USFS can be reserved online for your convenience. You can search their website to find the perfect spot for your camping in Washington State adventure. If you need electric hookups for an RV, need to book a large group for a family reunion, or prefer something rustic and basic, the search options on the website will help you find the perfect place.

However, during the summer months, all of the campgrounds along the Mountain Loop Scenic Byway are very popular, so you’ll need to get your reservation in early. You should also be prepared to share your wilderness with other campers. Do your research to discover the most remote areas for camping in Washington State, if peace and quiet is the type of ambiance you prefer.

Hiking, horseback riding, fishing, are just a few of the adventures that await you in this region of Washington. You may also come across the native wildlife during your untamed adventure, so bring your camera. Plan ahead for camping in Washington State and enjoy reconnecting with the natural world.



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