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Alaska Tourism – Experience the Raw and Real Alaska on Your Next Vacation

Alaska Tourism

For those who want to reconnect with nature, Alaska offers vast wilderness adventures and open terrain to explore its rugged terrain.

The allure of Alaska is popular not just for its arctic areas and wilderness, but also because of the emotions it can bring to a first-time visitor. Whether sightseeing in one of Alaska’s numerous National Parks, or cruising on a boat to photograph the rugged fjords along the Alaskan Coastline and Inside Passage, Alaska Tourism beckons visitors from all over the world to visit its unspoiled landscape at least once in their lifetime.

Exploring Alaska Tourism Firsthand

Vacationing in Alaska can prove to be among one of the most unforgettable experiences that you will have in your lifetime. You can explore Alaska’s native culture, which includes rich traditions like totem carving, dancing, blanket tosses, rituals, craft and arts. The Alaska Native Heritage Center is one of many cultural attractions that excite visitors with its live dance performances, festivals and other seasonal events.

Alaska Tourism is divided into five regions, which includes South Central, Interior, Inside Passage, Southwest and far north. Every region boasts of having numerous cities and towns, which gives you the advantage of being near civilization to replenish supplies, stay in comfortable accommodations or mingle with the local residents of Alaska to discover the “off the beaten path” places that you will not find on any Alaska Tourism brochure.

For example, Sitka is a beautiful city and borough in Alaska that is well known for its dormant volcano named Mt. Edgecombe and spectacular silhouettes. While there, you can enjoy mingling with the locals, who were once descendants of Russian settlers.

Alaska speaks both to adrenaline junkies or those who seek tranquility. If you are into adventure sports, then you can enjoy hiking excursions over rugged mountains, hikes on glaciers, rafting or kayaking in rivers and fishing expeditions that may yield the biggest catch of your life. These are memories that can be cherished forever.

Other Favorite Alaska Tourism Destinations

  • Alaska Zoo: Located in Anchorage, the Alaska Zoo is home to an impressive number of both native Alaskan animals, as well as more exotic creatures like elephants and tigers.
  • Alaska Aviation Museum: This Alaska Tourism gem is also located in Anchorage. It is dedicated to the region’s aviation heritage and home to 21 vintage aircraft.
  • Elmendorf State Hatchery: Operated by Alaska’s game and fish department, the Elmendorf State Hatchery produces trout and salmon used exclusively for sport fishing
  • Art and History Museum: This world class, Anchorage-based museum showcases one-of-a kind exhibits, while preserving the art and history of the region.
  • H2Oasis: If you love to swim and assume that swimming in this region is not possible because of its biting cold temperatures, then think again! H2Oasis is a popular indoor waterpark and an important part of Alaska Tourism; featuring rides, water coaster, wave pool and 150 foot body slide.
  • Juneau Trolley Car Co.: If you’re in Juneau, hop on a trolley and enjoy a narrated tour of the downtown area.
  • The Imaginarium: Bring the kids to the Imaginarium in Anchorage, Alaska. As the name suggests, this is a hands-on learning center that combines science with fun.
  • Pioneer Park: Once known as “Alaskaland”, Pioneer Park of Fairbanks is an amusement park that was developed on a 44-acre parcel of land. This popular attraction is one of the most-visited places in Alaska Tourism.
  • Robert Tramway: This aerial tramway is located in Juneau and goes up to a height of about 1,800 feet from the docks. At the top, you will find a theater, nature center, restaurant, walking trails and shops to find fascinating souvenirs of your Alaska Tourism adventure.
  • Nicholas Orthodox Church: This impressive, Orthodox Russian church is located in Juneau. It was constructed in 1894 and is still operational, in all its glory. A mammoth-sized gold dome makes it one of the most photographed buildings in Juneau.

Why you are sure to love Alaska Tourism?

In Alaska, the remarkably unspoiled landscape is what makes the state so appealing as an Alaska Tourism destination.  Jagged fjords, chilly ice chunks and authentic wildlife in their natural habitat make Alaska charming as a place to get in touch with your wild side. Alaska Tourism has always beckoned thrill seekers, as well as those who love the outdoors. You can go whale-watching in the ocean or find some of the last American bison; all within this magnificent state.

You can also engage in hunting, golfing and skiing. Water lovers can rent a kayak or paddle through some of the cleanest lakes and streams in the world. Canoeing, kayaking, glacier viewing, kayaking, etc. is available for all ages to discover. Over five hundred species of birds – including the majestic bald eagle – can be found here. Be careful of the black and grizzly bear sightings! Don’t be surprised if moose, wolves, Dahl sheep, caribou, otters, or seals make their way to the front of your camera lens.

Careful planning and understanding is the best way to have fun to the max during your visit to Alaska.


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