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Hawaii Tourism: Why You Should Make Hawaii Your Top Destination This Year

Hawaii Tourism: What The Amazing Island of Hawaii Has To Offer!

Hawaii Tourism: What The Amazing Island of Hawaii Has To Offer

Located on the Pacific Ocean just west of the state of California, Hawaii is the only U.S. state surrounded by water, and a prime global tourist destination. It comprises of six islands, Maui, Hawaii Island, Oahu, Lanai, Kauai and Molokai. Rugged canyons, black-sand beaches and cascading waterfalls truly make Hawaii tourism a great destination for adventure and relaxation. Getting around is easy as there’s one major airport as well as several other smaller ones.

Getting There

You are likely to kick-start your vacation adventure at the capital’s Honolulu International Airport (HNL) located on Oahu Island. This is the main airport into Hawaii for many visitors from various International and domestic destinations. So from this airport you can get to just about anywhere. There are some direct flights from mainland U.S. to Hawaii, Kauai and Maui Island, but you may need a flight connection through Oahu to reach the islands of Molokai and Lanai.

After your arrival you then take deep breaths and smell fresh plumeria saturated in the air. Enjoy Hawaii tourism and take a trip to some historic landmarks to learn more about the rich and diverse cultures of the islands. Discover off path destinations, from tiny towns to hidden beaches that you won’t even find on any postcard. Learn surfing, kayaking or snorkeling and get your Hawaii suntan. Make your way to luau and get a taste of Hawaiian culture. You will discover that Hawaii has an endless list of itineraries. From family fun to romantic escapades; from trekking up a volcano to whale watching, you can immerse yourself in all of it or take a laid back chill and relax. Explore and discover any or all of the unique islands in Hawaii and you’ll sure find that your first trip certainly won’t be your last.

Hawaii Tourism,Top Reasons to Visit Hawaii

Besides total relaxation, perfect climate, there’s more Hawaii tourism has to offer.

Picture Perfect Climate

With temperatures hovering around the 80-87 degrees Fahrenheit mark, the weather in Hawaii is nothing short of perfect.

Total Relaxation

Stay in some of the finest and most luxurious resorts the world has to offer, or bond with nature in campsite retreat or picturesque beach rental.

Family Friendly

Hawaii offers some of best family friendly destinations in the world. Children are welcome everywhere, and most resorts and spas offer great discounts and attractions for kids. Your family will never be short of activities and lots of good fun.

Beautiful Scenery

Watch dolphins and whales play and jump on many of the different ocean cruises, snorkel with turtles and swim with a variety of colorful aquatic life. Star gaze at the beautiful night sky and trek to the magnificent volcano. These and more adventures await the enthusiastic explorer.

Romance Flows in the Air

From honeymoons to weddings, renewing your vows or a much needed vacation; Hawaii offers visitors the perfect romantic gateway for any couple. Delectable dining, sumptuous spas, glamorous nightclubs, Hawaii’s stylish resorts will you have you covered.

Fun for Everyone

Hawaii always something for everyone regardless their age, gender, budget and interest. You can choose from:

  • Relaxation
  • Family vacations
  • Health retreats
  • Sports/adventure
  • Helping local communities/volunteer work
  • Romantic getaways

Incredible Nightlife

Hawaii boasts an array of international bars with hot DJ’s, dance parties, international acts, tropical cocktails and lots more. If you are however looking for something more of the low key, be sure to visit a number of the after dark art museums, street entertainment and galleries.

Exceptional Food

Hawaii is both a cultural and international melting pot. You, will discover a fusion of French, Thai, Italian, Mexican, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean. And certainly can’t miss out on some indulgence with the traditional Hawaiian cuisine made of local, fresh, ethic infused ingredients.

Adrenaline Rush

Whether you are a spectator or avid adventure seeker, you’ll find that in Hawaii there’s no shortage of exhilarating programs and outdoor activities. Mountain bike, zipline through forest canopies, remote scuba dives, world-class surfing and lots more.

Shopping, Shopping and Lots of Shopping!

From, farmers markets, local craft, mega shopping malls to factory outlets and top of the range international clothing boutiques, Hawaii’s got you covered!

Things You Shouldn’t Miss In Hawaii

The following are some highlights of Hawaii tourism and other aspects of this idyllic chain of islands:

  • Go snorkeling and view sea turtles; tropical fish and bright corals
  • Go whale and dolphin watching
  • Sunbathe on any of the beaches scattered around the 750 mile coastline.

When to visit Hawaii

Because of the trade winds that blow at different times of the year and its location in the tropics, Hawaii is much cooler and drier. Temperatures are generally warm, but not very comfortable throughout the year. It is Important to know that Hawaii experiences the dry season between the months of May and October, while the rainy season runs between November and April. If you intend to visit Hawaii during winter months, carry along you rain gear.

Not to Miss in Hawaii

  • Carriage ride or horseback into Hawaii’s Waipio Valley, a lustrous ancient gorge that’s sacred to most Hawaiian people, where taro remains cultivated just as it was when the first settlers arrived more than a thousand years ago.
  • Checking out the best dancers as well as the initial routes to practice their routines for rural Molokai festival that takes place every May
  • Ringing one the most notable bells at Oahu, which mimics a 900 year old building that was in ancient Japan.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Hawaii is the perfect place to kick-start your family vacation. It oozes natural beauty with dramatic volcanic cliffs, soft sandy beaches and so much more to fit anyone in the mood. Temperature are generally warm, the water always looking blue, there’s just so much.

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