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The Gateway Arch Of St. Louis, Mo: The Quiet Giant


The Gateway Arch of St. Louis, MO.

Jazz, Riverboats And Amazing Food: That’s St. Louis, Missouri.

I’m going to say that again: St. Louis, Missouri. You want to travel, you want to see something you’ve never seen before. Experience a little bit of different, because it’s what makes the world go ‘round. And you’ve decided on St. Louis. What’s it got that can catch your attention? Let’s start with food. St. Louis is known for its barbeque as much as the historic Anheuser-Busch Brewery, or multitude of microbreweries in the area. Music? Jazz and blues are a part of this area, just like every other area that can see or calls the Mississippi their own. There are jazz bands, blues bands, dueling pianos…enough to keep you in acoustic heaven. So eat, drink, enjoy the music, and love the sights. Take a riverboat ride, go see the Gateway Arch of St. Louis?

Why? Because why not? Now, some people will say that they’re not tourists, but if you don’t want to see or experience anything new, why leave the house? Let’s be honest: you don’t go to Paris just to eat escargot and fine French cuisine, and call it an accomplishment. You go to the Eiffel Tower. You go to the Louvre, and all those places you’ve heard about. You don’t go to San Antonio and not try to see the Alamo, or Los Angeles and not try to get a selfie with the Hollywood sign as a backdrop. So; while you’re enjoying the music and that fine Missouri barbeque, you’re going to want to check out what’s the tallest man made structure in America, the Gateway Arch of St. Louis. That’s 630 feet; the highest point in downtown St. Louis, giving you the most incredible views of the city and that ole Mississippi.

Enjoy The Amazing Few From The Gateway Arch Of St. Louis

Now, you’ll have already visited other places, like the Old Courthouse and Ballpark Village, but taking the ride up the leg of the Gateway Arch of St. Louis to the Observation deck will blow your hair back! You’ll be able to see all those sights you looked at on the ground from above, which is pretty awe inspiring. On the way up, you’ll also be able to see the documentary Monument to the Dream before you get to see the 5 bridges and the old train trestle that connects Illinois to Missouri. And you’re in Missouri: it’s a good day. You’ll be able to see up to 30 miles in all directions. And to see something that was voted the Best of the Midwest in 2012 by AAA magazine means something, and just being there at the top of the Gateway Arch of St. Louis will be the highlight of your trip. Well, that and the food, and the music.

Enjoy An Unforgettable River Tour

And after you descend from the top of the Gateway Arch of St. Louis, take a tour on one of the only 2 remaining riverboats on the Riverfront: the Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher, which were brought to the city in 1964 so people could see the Arch’s construction, and where you can take pictures of the Arch from below while you enjoy riding in an authentic 19th century paddle boat, because it’s a guess you took plenty of pictures from above. Who wouldn’t?

And while you’re on the riverboat, choose from any one of the specialty cruises that are hosted for you, such as the sightseeing tour, or the Skyline Dinner Cruise for a more…romantic venue. Maybe you just want to have a good time on the riverboat as you pass under the Gateway Arch of St. Louis yet again, this time with the moon as its backdrop. The cruises offered are an Oktoberfest Cruise, which celebrates the German holiday with such treats as bratwurst and beer, or the Blues Cruise, where you can once again enjoy the top local bands on the riverboat as it winds its way down river. If you’re looking for privacy, you can arrange for a private charter.

Whatever you do, wherever you go when you visit Missouri, make sure you take the time to check out the Gateway Arch of St. Louis, check out the food, the sights and the sounds. It’s something that you will look back on fondly for a long time, and something that you’ll come back to again and again! So, pack your bags and get ready for a  trip or family vacation you won’t forget!





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